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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Scripture Reading: Lamentation 3
Confession: Psalm 16:6

Prayer pointsThank God for His unfailing love.
*O Lord,open up the pipeline of prosperity into my handiwork and my business in the name of Jesus
*I bind every spirit of financial failure in the name of Jesus.
*Lord, loose the spirit of prosperity upon me in the name of Jesus
*O Lord anoint me with the power to prosper in the name of Jesus
*Lord, give me breakthrough of blessings in the spiritual, financial, marital and business life in Jesus name.
*I declare this year a year of super abundance for me in the name of Jesus
*Let the Holy Spirit take perfect control of my tongue in the name of Jesus
*Lord, give me the grace to express Your love to the needy in the name of Jesus
*I command every contrary tree growing in my life to be uprooted and thrown into the fire in Jesus name
*O Lord, rain abundant blessings upon me in Jesus name
*Lord, make this program the beginning of great blessings in the name of Jesus
*From the North, South, East and the West, let all my blessings be released and let them come unto me in Jesus name
*I decree that my stolen blessings should be restored seven-folds in Jesus name
*Let every evil attachment to my place of birth be disrupted in the name of Jesus
*I command every agent acting against my breakthroughs to be permanently paralysed in the name of Jesus
*I command every power barking against my progress to be silenced in the name of Jesus
*I receive the anointing for supernatural breakthroughs in all my endeavors in the name of Jesus
*I receive the anointing of the beautiful feet and the prospering hand in the name of Jesus

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God bless you.
By: Emmanuel and Blessing Agbo.


  1. Please I need divine direction, break through and elevation. It feels like I pray without answers and it also feels like I'm just stagnated and I feel like it affects the ppl I date too. I know God built me to be great but I need to find that greatness within me. Also I have this suitor that loves me to death and his family adores me but instead of feeling happy, I feel trapped because I want to move out of my city of residence to a city with more opportunities but I can't because he fears he'll lose me and I also know I will lose interest in him. For these reasons I need God to intervene and reveal to me his will for my life because I feel like there is more for me out there and I just need to leave the confines of my home city and relationship to get hold of it. Please join me in prayers. Thank you and God bless you.
    It is through my search for break through I stumbled upon this blog .

  2. Please i trust God for a breakthrugh before this month end for my fiancee. he needs to pay office rent and accomodation and all is not well.Pray with me that God almighty will intervene,Pray that God will lead all those owing him money to repay it back this month end.Secondly pray for me,i am busy to buy a house and really need GOD to intervene, my employers can be difficult soemtime but i want to trust God as never before to do the impossible for me.i believe he can do it and i want to see his living power manifesting.


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