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Monday, 31 May 2010

Evil Monitor.

Evil Monitor
An evil monitor is an evil spirit that is assigned against a particular person from the world of darkness to monitor him,among other things. The main
assignment of this kind of Demon is to monitor. You may ask;why
do they need to invest time monitoring you? As funny as it may seem,their interest in you is worth the investment. As it were,Demons don´t like going after things that are already useless because,in that
case,there´s nothing to destroy and their main interest is to destroy (John 10:10)´´The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly´´. Since their intention is to destroy,they naturally have no business with already destroyed people.
Evil monitors come into the lives of people in different ways:
**Eating in the dream: Like we already narrated on this blog,eating in the dream is one of the major ways in which evil monitoring gadgets could be planted into a person´s life. When you are fed in the dream,it is not as normal as the food seems in the dream. It could be presented as rice for instance,but it could end up being a full-grown snake which would start pacing up and down the person´s body system while defying all medical technology and explanations. In this case,some object-could even be an animal- could be fed into the person´s body through this food in the dream. The result is that the enemy would always know his plans before hand and destroy it because he(the planner is not alone;he has a satelite plated inside of him that transmits your words to them in advance of your action). Result? Aech time he has a great plan or promise it suddenly fails at the end.
**Sex in the dream: This one is planted and manifests just about exactly the same way the food thing does. The only thing is that in this one,whatever is done is done through sex and not food. It could also result in monitoring gadgets being planted in a person´s body,resulting in effective (per-second) monitoring activities by the enemy!
**Evil parties: Attending parties when you don´t understand its purpose could be spiritually dangerous. Could be that you are the only neutral person there! In such parties,evil food and drinks could be freely served and enjoyed only for the neutral person to endure the after-effect forever. The food may digest or not digest. The sure thing is that the food may constitute a monitoring gadget in your body. From then on,you may never enjoy spiritual privacy again.
**Evil deposits in your environment: Sometimes,evil people could visit a person´s home and deposit an object with which they later monitor you,unknown to you. This could be as tiny as to make it almost invisible. They simply can see you whatever you do or hear what you say because they have established an evil link to your house. And that link is as active as a hotline until the mighty Hand of Jesus reaches it. And that is when you ask him to.
**Evil handshakes and embrace: Any time you shake or embrace a strange person: advice? Cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus! It shields you fro evil arrows that flow from evil people to innocent people. There was a case of a brother who shook hands with an evil fellow and felt strenght instantly go (en-masse) out of him. The fellow withdrew strenght from him and it took persistient deliverance to revive him. Such people could also transmit a monitoring gadget into people through such embrace or handshakes.
**Evil gifts: This could be in form of gifts laced with evil spiritual undertones. It could be a house in which certain things have been planted into the foundation or into the walls. These implantations always monitor happenings around such a person who lives in the house. Demons could also be relesed into a house to always block and apportion a person´s glory. Every spiritual blessing coming the person´s way would always be diverted by the evil benefactor and most times,you would be thankful for his ´´generousity´´ instead of combating his animousity. A lot of tenants are under such bondage under their land lords.
**Innocently helping evil people: There have been cases of people who innocently helped and got into trouble almost all their lives until God intervened. Take this instance. A very rich lady; a muslim was driving in her convoy in Lagos,Nigeria and saw a beggar. She decided to have compassion and gave him alms. A week passed and she started feeling funny one midnight. She came out of her bedroom one as a result of the fear that came over her and she saw the beggar she had given alms a week before sitting down on her sofa. The man beckoned to her and instructed her to be quiet. She had no choice as it was late and she had no help. The man walked towards her and disappeared! She was dumbfounded. She naturally was so afraid and shy that she kept it to herself. About six months later,this woman had virtually fallen to the level of a beggar. She became poorer and poorer by the day until she met an old friend who she confided in and decided to follow her to a deliverance church. As ´´fire´´ prayer and deliverance was conducted for her,she saw this haggard beggar walk away from her body. She had carried him around all the while. She began to recover after the deliverance.
**Stuffed toys as evil link: Sometimes,Demons could be sent,even remotely by agents of darkness, into toys in the home. This could be used to monitor and manipulate children in the home. The enemy knows that children are very close to toys so they find a way to enter into these toys in order to have access to your children. They could even start to have evil communication with the children,commanding them to do all sorts of things. I personally have had a case in my home when my four-year old son ran to us in our bed room daily to tell us that one of his toys was ´´making faces´´ at him. Sorry to say this..I was a very shallow and impatient person when I was in the world and could not understand why my son would be ´´assuming´´ things I couldn´t see even with my ´´bigger´´ parental eyes. I insisted that it was not a realistic claim,even though my wife thought otherwise and we frequently quarelled over the issue. In the mean time,our son´s condition worsened. He grew thiner by the day. It was when I inquired from my brother (who gave him the toy as a gift) that he told me frankly he was not sure of the origin of the toy. He said it was given to his son earlier by his grand mother. I threw out the toy before my son regained sanity! This is even more truthful about stuffed toys. These toys could be used as an effective link by the kingdom of darkness to monitor you through your child.
These instaces above may differ in styles. The only sure and common fact the situations share is that they are not going to be watching you to cast a Godly care over you; they want to find out when and what to sting in your life in order to inflict the most shocking pain! In all these,our Lord Jesus is patiently and passionately waiting to deliver you out of bondage. **(Ephesians 6:12)´´For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places´´.**(2 Corinthians 10:4)´´(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)´´
Because weapons of our warfare are not carnal, God has profered solutions to them in the scriptures. **(Isaiah 59:19)´´So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him´´; **(2 Samuel 22:45-46)´´45Strangers (enemies) shall submit themselves unto me: as soon as they hear, they shall be obedient unto me. 46Strangers (enemies) shall fade away, and they shall be afraid out of their close (hiding) places´´. **(James 4:7)´´Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you´´. In whichever situation you may find yourself,your problem is already solved because a problem identified is a problem almost solve. I pray today that the Lord would locate and release you in Jesus´ name. Amen! Take the prayer poin(s) seriously.

PRAYER POINT(S):pls, pray these prayer points as if your life depends on it and we wait to read your testimonies in Jesus´ name!
1. You evil monitoring seed planted into my life,die by FIRE! In the name of JESUS!
2. You evil eye watching me,be blind by FIRE! In the name of JESUS!
3. Evil mirror monitoring my life,scatter by FIRE! In the name of JESUS!
4. You evil crystal ball being used to monitor my life,break to pieces! In the name of JESUS!
5. You monitoring cauldron burried against my life, be uprooted by FIRE! In the name of JESUS!
6. You monitoring strongman living inside of me,recieve FIRE of God! In the name of JESUS!
7. Every evil deposit in my body (through sex and feeding in the dream),be aborted by Fire! In the name of JESUS!
8. Every evil object and gift in my life,I sanctify you with the blood of Jesus! In the name of JESUS!
9. Every evil handshake and embrace I have encountered,I nullify your effect over my life with the blood of Jesus! In the name of JESUS!
10. I sever every evil link to my life with the blood of Jesus! In the name of JESUS!
11. You evil monitoring spirit living in any toy in my home,I command you to catch FIRE! In the name of JESUS!
12. O God my father, divinely direct my feet away from evil appointments! In the name of JESUS!

May God visit you with testimonies as you pray; we expect to read your testimonies on this blog in Jesus´ name AMEN! Pls,do stay with us.
By: Emmanuel and Blessing Agbo.


  1. Yes I keep praying but constantly there is someone following me in the dream.

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    I'd recommend you combine these prayers with fasting.

    God bless!

  3. I keep hearing noises in my television, I looked into the back of the tv one night just kidding around I said who is in there and 2 cat eyes looked back at me, I nearly freaked, I anointed the tv with oil. It went away for a while months, just came for a visit this morning, I pled the Blood, and I saw a black cat from the side of my eye evaporate out my window. What is this all about


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