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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Warfare prayer points.

Warfare prayer points.
I undam Udam and destroy every wall of protection around witches and their covens in JESUS´ name. AMEN!
Prayer Points:
1. Every evil pot being kept for my sake being used to
minister against me from the territories of darkness, I
command you to explode in the name of Jesus!
2. Every reference to or call upon my name from evil quarters,let the blood of Jesus and the fire of the holy
Ghost answer for me and rebuke such a call in the name of Jesus!
3. Every connivance of my household witchcraft with outside witchcraft to scuttle my life and destiny,scatter in the name of Jesus!
4. O God show me devine visions about your plans for me in the name of Jesus.
5. I deliver my life and destiny by fire from witchcraft and demonic domination and control in the mighty name of Jesus!
Your prayer requests are welcome. You could make them anonymous on blog page,email or call us. May God visit you with testimonies as you pray; we expect to read your testimonies on this blog in Jesus´ name AMEN! Pls,do stay with us.
By: Emmanuel and Blessing Agbo.

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